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Your username is a combination of your last name and date of birth. Your last name is the last name we have on record at the time you left the company (as shown in the paper package you received in the mail). You will need to enter your last name as all lowercase alphabetic characters (“a” through “z”) and remove any numeric or special characters. Your date of birth needs to be entered in the following format mmddyyyy. Please note that your account will be deactivated after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. If your account is deactivated, you can have it reactivated by calling The New York Times Immediate Pension Benefit Center toll free at 1-866-897-1776 from 8:30¬†AM to 4:30 PM (Central Time) Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.



  • If your last name is O’Hara and your date of birth is December 15, 1948, your username is ohara12151948.
  • If your last name is Bublé and your date of birth is September 6, 1975, your username is buble09061975.
  • If your last name is St. James-Brown and your date of birth is July 5, 1963, your username is stjamesbrown07051963.
  • If your last name is Jones, Sr and your date of birth is May 29, 1963, your username is jones05291963.